Each brand stipulates its own regulations regarding a warranty on the product. Please note, each product’s warranty is unique to that product. There is not a universal warranty across all brands’ products. In order for a warranty to be claimed, a process needs to be followed and no exceptions will be tolerated.

The process is as follows: The client will return the product to a relevant store. The store will contact the Tifosi Cycling Head Office and collection of the item will be arranged. On examining the item/items a management decision will be taken as to whether the product has suffered normal wear and tear, abuse, has a manufactural fault or a stitching fault. Please Note: a stitching fault will be mended (Brand dependant) – not replaced unless management decide otherwise. Small courier fees may apply when a replacement/mended item is sent/returned to the client. Each case will be handled separately. A proof of purchase is always required for a warranty claim.