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Compressport Running Gauteng

Get all the info you need for every race happening in Gauteng and surrounding areas. We share valuable information about upcoming events, race times, distances, entry fees, registration dates and more.

You are welcome to ask any running-related questions, share your experiences and support fellow runners on the group.

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Nalini Cycling Gauteng

Cycling enthusiasts in Gauteng get together on this group to share the ups and downs of the sport we all love so much. We make sure that you get all the dates and details for every upcoming race in Gauteng and surrounding areas.

You are welcome to ask any cycling-related questions, share your experiences, give cycling advice and support fellow cyclists on the group. Both road and mountain bike enthusiasts are welcome.

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WhatsApp Rules

Most of the cyclists and runners on our WhatsApp groups are a little rebellious, but we still need to ask you to abide by the following easy guidelines.

  • Please stick to relevant topics on the groups. In other words, do not try to chat up your soulmate on the group. (If that does happen, then we are happy with you, but please take it offline.)
  • We might occasionally inform you about current specials on running or cycling gear, but please do not use the groups to sell or promote any products or services. Of course, we won’t mind if you boast about the brands we supply.
  • No racism, sexism, homophobia or any other form of discrimination or hate speech will be tolerated on these groups.
  • The Compressport/Nalini admins have the right to remove anyone from the groups if they deem it necessary.