The journey to CS Catering Company started in 1991, inspired by two amazing ladies , known to all as Aunty Ivy , and Mrs S , but to me , known as my Nana and my Mom.

The first time I can remember being in the kitchen, was at a very very young age, I would be sitting on the counter top, while my mom would bake cakes and every now and then allow me to stick my finger in the cake batter and have a taste before it went in the oven.

As I grew up to school going age, in every school holiday I would spend the entire day in the kitchen with my Nana, watching her cook and bake, learning her recipes and as I got older, cooking and baking her recipes with her.

The house was always alive with the smell of cookies in the oven or Aunty Ivy’s famous mince pie, always surrounded by people eating and enjoying time spent together with great flavoursome food.

I have carried that on for many years since then, the house smelling of fresh baked cookies and amazing flavoursome food, and would now like to bring those amazing flavoursome meals to you in the form of homecooked frozen meals.

No need to work a full day and then worry about what to cook, all you have to do is order your meals weekly, then when you get home, just……….


All the meals prepared by CS Catering Company are home made from scratch, and full of flavour, like those old recipes where it all began.